Hello and Welcome!

Hi and thank you for coming to SocialWorkr!

If you are reading this then you are officially one of the first to be on this site! This is the official (quiet) launch of SocialWorkr, the social network for social workers.

You may be wondering: Why do we need a brand new social media site just for social workers? I believe it’s because social workers need a place to meet and collaborate with others. The power of social work lies in connections and in learning from others. There are other places around the web where we can connect with each other, such as Twitter, Facebook or even LinkedIn. But these networks are not meant for collaboration and they do not offer one network where social workers can all come together.

I believe in the power of collaboration and groups. Too often, social workers operate in isolation. For example, many social work students begin school not knowing much about the school, their internships or the social work community. Many students also move from other states to begin their studies and don’t know all the local resources and agencies that can best help clients. Once out of school, social workers are left out on their own and have trouble connecting with like-minded people, or those working in related fields of work. SocialWorkr aims to bridge that gap and create communities of information.

The goal of SocialWorkr is to be a hub of information on the latest happenings in the world of social work, There will be news and information related to social work. But the real power will be in collaboration and sharing resources. That’s where SocialWorkr Groups come in. Users will be able to create as many groups as they’d like. There are currently already a few groups you can join, but the power of SocialWorkr will be in all the groups the community builds and uses to stay connected. You’ll be able to share files, images and documents with each other to promote events, share tools and other resources.

Imagine if every social worker joined SocialWorkr and used it to connect with co-workers, colleagues at other agencies, or with their former classmates and alumni. I believe that there can be groups and communities around regions or cities, fields of social work (therapists, policy workers, research and child welfare), around types of work (macro/micro, cognitive behavioral therapists) or around racial/ethnic group (Latino social workers, students of color, working with Native American populations). The sky is the limit!

Like other social media networks, you’ll also be able to friend people you know like classmates or colleagues. You can see what’s on their walls or see what groups they belong to. More features will be added soon to allow chatting and messaging (as well as mobile apps!).

Ultimately, the goal of SocialWorkr is to make the social work profession more powerful and more impactful for our clients and the communities we serve by using social media. When you connect with other social workers in your field you will undoubtedly have more resources and information to do your job better, which results in better overall outcomes.

I am excited at the possibility of SocialWorkr and where it can grow. This is just the beginning. I hope that it can spark the same excitement in you and can benefit your career goals. Please sign in to be a member and get started making connections with your fellow social workers. If you have any questions, feedback or comments please use our page here. Thanks for reading!

Jose Alvear, LMSW
Founder, SocialWorkr