Create Your Community – Groups

The power of social media lies in communities. It’s something I’ve seen on Facebook and even Twitter, where people seek out like minded friends or colleagues around a specific topic. On Facebook you can create groups but you’re limited because Facebook acts like a wall, not a real group. You can post things and invite friends but otherwise you’ll run into obstacles. You can’t share documents easily. You can’t collaborate well. Searching for news or items is difficult. And there are no forums.

Here on SocialWorkr, groups are at the core of the site. If a group doesn’t already exist–create one! Start your own group by going to the Groups page and create one. Form your own community. Invite your friends and colleagues. For example, I created Social Work Without Borders, a group focusing on bringing together social workers to help with disasters and other global crises.

Once you start a group, you can instantly communicate with each other and get notifications. You can upload documents. You can invite friends. You can create a form. You can post news and articles and get notified via email.

Social workers love groups. Because groups are how we get things done.

So go ahead–join or start a group!

P.S. If you need any help, please let me know at or just send me a message on my profile page. I can also help you design an awesome Group image or cover photo. Or you can go to and make your own free graphics in just minutes.

Hello and Welcome!

Hi and thank you for coming to SocialWorkr!

If you are reading this then you are officially one of the first to be on this site! This is the official (quiet) launch of SocialWorkr, the social network for social workers.

You may be wondering: Why do we need a brand new social media site just for social workers? I believe it’s because social workers need a place to meet and collaborate with others. The power of social work lies in connections and in learning from others. There are other places around the web where we can connect with each other, such as Twitter, Facebook or even LinkedIn. But these networks are not meant for collaboration and they do not offer one network where social workers can all come together.